Ekjut is a non profit voluntary organization of India. Ekjut's partnering communities are the indigenous people, people living in the underserved districts and the urban homeless. Ekjut works on the theme of Survive, Blossom, Thrive and Transform.

COVID-19 Relief activities

Ekjut is working in coordination with the development partners and local and national government to strengthen the COVID 19 response initiatives with an aim to reach out to the most vulnerable and marginalized communities in Jharkhand, Odisha, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

Bringing Immediate and short-term relief, food security.

Multilevel risk mitigation while working with Adolescents.

Enabling continued education, health & nutrition, and protection to most affected children.

Ensuring long-term support to families that have persons with mental health concerns, livelihood for caregivers.

Working with key stakeholders- the government, local bodies, partner NGOs.

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Our Interventions ...

Awards & Recognition

Society of the Clinical Trial – Trial of the Year Award 2011

WHO India Public Health Champion Award 2015

Our Work
Addressing Health Inequities through

About Us

Ekjut's Objective

To work with the underpriviledged, discriminated and marginalized people, such as those belonging to the tribal population, dalits, children, women, disabled, urban poor, calamity stricken communities aged, persons with HIV AID, poor, under trials and persons with drug addiction. To contribute towards building up of a society which promotes equity and inclusiveness. To contribute towards building capacity for empowering the communities to enable them to secure a life of dignity and quality. To influence the policies and practices of the government in favour of the identified groups and secure justice and rights to the community as mentioned in the constitution. To promote support and develop partnership with individuals, organizations and communities for promotion of similar objective. To promote appropriate technologies for preservation of natural resources primarily for the benefit of the identified group. To accept donations, sponsorships from individuals, societies,associations, corporate bodies, state or central government for achieving the objective. To support persons and associations who are working towards achievement of the similar goals. To subscribe to become a member of or otherwise co-operate with any other associations, whose objects are altogether or in part similar to those of the society. To mobilize individual skills. In furtherance of the above-mentioned objective activities will include socioeconomic programmes, health, education, food security and environment related initiatives. Research, documentation and dissemination will be to promote good practices and influencing governance.

Ekjut's Mission

Ekjut will work in the districts in India for the improvement of maternal, newborn, child health and nutrition of partnering underserved,marginalised communities, through their empowerment, community based interventions and influence good governance for improving access and quality of services. This will be done through collaborating with leading agencies for building our research capacities to strengthen evidence base, dissemination of findings, engagement with government and networks and supporting scaling up of effective interventions.


Equity and Justice,Empowerment,Excellence,Transparency & Accountability.

Guiding Principles

Work will always be with participation of concerned communities, staring from identification of issues to evaluation of work.Respect peoples Knowledge systems and abilities,Ensuring community accountability and transparency,Belief that women should have more than an equal share/say,Recognition that the state has the primary responsibility for ensuring equity and justice to all & Strengthening democratic practices

Reaching Out

Women,Children & Tribal population.

Managing Committee Members

1. Mr. Snehil Kumar, President
2. Ms. Vidya Nair, Vice-President
3. Dr. Nirmala Nair, Secretary/Chief Functionary
4. Mr. Sudhir Kumar Sinha, Treasurer
5. Mr. Gunaseelan Narayanan Thekken, Executive Member
6. Mr. Raj Kishor Mishra, Executive Member

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